Common account features

Operations of Account The account will be operated by the authorised person as per mandate provided during the opening of account.
Change in instructions for the operations of account should be informed to bank in writing with the relevant documents like letter signed by joint individuals for Joint accounts. Similarly for current accounts signature of all the partners for Partnership accounts, Board resolution for Limited company accounts, Letter issued by competent authority for Institution and organizations accounts will be obtained. Resolution passed by governing body for the club, Association, Religious institute.

Account Statements The periodical account statement is provided by Bank. The customer may have the internet facility with unique user ID and password to view his account and can generate the account statement for his account.

Issuance of Cheque Book and Operations by using cheque books

  • Cheque Books will be provided to the customers and they have to bear the charges for the cheque book as stipulated by New Kabul Bank.
  • The Bank is having every right to revise the charges as and when required.
  • Any alteration and cutting proper authorization by the drawer and he has to put his full signature. It is advised to the customers that while filling the cheque they should be careful to avoid the alteration and cutting.
  • The customer may stop the payment of cheque by submitting the letter duly signed by authorised signatory. The letter should consist name of account and account number, customer ID, Payee’s name, Date of issue of cheque and Amount. If these details are not provided then Bank may not accept the request and if any losses incurred to customer then Bank is not liable for it.
  • The Bank will levy the fees for the stop payment instruction as per the service charges stipulated by Bank and can be revised time to time.