Corporate Information

Shareholders% of holding
Ministry of finance100 %
Board of Shareholders
Name : Position :
Mr. Zahid Hamdard Deputy Minister for Finance, Ministry of Finance
Mr. Akhtiyar Wali DG Treasury, Ministry of Finance
Mr. Rafiullah Nabil Legal Advisor, Ministry of Finance
Board of Supervisors
Name : Position :
Mr. Taj Mohammad Akbar BoS Chairman
Mr. Noor Alam Hakimyar BoS Member
Mr. Abdul Latif Rahmani BoS Member
Mrs. Maryam Amin BoS Member
Board of Management
Name : Designation :
Mr. Khyber Omarkhail Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Ahmad Zia Zia Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Prafulla Kumar Agrawal Chief Finance Officer
Mr. Shakib Ahmad Pazhwak Chief Operation Officer