Master Card

Greetings, New Kabul Bank is currently offering one product (Master Un-embossed Debit Card) of Master Card Brand which is detailed as follows.

Master Debit Card:
We offer Master Debit Cards with very easy conditions and very low charges, for holding a Master Debit Card you only need to have any type of personal SB (Saving USD only) or Current account with Kabul Bank.
Debit card will be linked to card holder’s Bank account and there will not be any fixed limit like Credit Cards (Cardholder can use the balance he/she possess in his bank account.) Card limit related to his /her bank account balance.

Fee matrix:

  • The debit card is valid for three years from the date of issue the joining fee is 10 USD and the annual fee is 10 USD.
  • New Kabul bank MasterCard are not charged any cash withdrawal Fee from New Kabul Bank ATM’s.
  • Other banks charge between 2-5 USD per transaction respective of the amount depending upon each bank’s Fee matrix.

The delivery period for our cards are one week from the day applied which will be submitted only to the account holder or the formally introduced person( on the day applied for the card ).